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Super Master Agent Recruit !! heart

                                                                 -We need you ! !

Claim your commission every Monday! heart

Sent to your Agent Wallet! heart


How to apply for SUPER MASTER AGENT ?

1. Contact LUCK9 agent service via: yes Apply for an agent!


2. The weekly effective betting reaches 2,000,000 , apply again to become a Master Agent, and immediately adjust to 45%  commission !  enlightened


3. The weekly effective betting reaches 10,000,000 , apply again to become a SUPER MASTER AGENT , and enjoy a high commission of 50% , as well as priority to receive withdrawals, and more benefits ! enlightened



Terms and Conditions

1. LUCK9 reserves the right to terminate and cancel the agent at any time. ►

2. LUCK9 reserves the right to freeze agent accounts and funds without prior notice to any agent suspected of using improper means to obtain promotional benefits.

3.  LUCK9 reserves the right of final interpretation. To prevent misunderstanding of the written information provided, please contact our customer service for clarification. ►